The history of M49Productions spans over a decade, here is a brief look back.

The first website ever officially built under the 49 acronym was a site called THE-ELITES. This site was started back in 2004 flying the flag of Matt49usa Productions, this was during the Internet boom of  “message boards”. This site was hosted on Geocities and the board was hosted on Invisionfree. This site was purely a social site where personal friends of Matthew would gather to chat about random happenings. The site moved hosts a handful of times and grew over the years. At one time having a total of around 1,000 members, however, as the craze for message boards started fading away so did the members for the site. At that time Matthew decided to re-brand the production label as M49Productions and created the first official M49Productions site which was hosted on a friends server for about a year.

During that time the first version of Stargate Genesis, also known as SGG (See above image), was developed and released. This was and still is the only Flash based simulator which placed a person in command of the Space Battle-cruiser Prometheus from the hit television series Stargate SG-1. This product was named the flagship program of M49Productions for 3 years. However, as all things do, this came to an end when M49Productions was re-branded and rebuilt in 2011.

Matthew later got into writing online novels, both fan-fiction and science fiction. An example of this is “Fight of the Pegasus”. This story was published in a Light Novel Magazine and has been read by many people. This project has been restarted and is currently being re-imagined under code name: “Pegasus”, for release in a Novel format, e-book and potentially printed book format. And that takes us to the present. We know there was a lot of stories left out of this short history but M49Productions continues to fight on through hardships whether it be the bust of a fad, or server crashes, a bright future is still awaiting us and we will continue to forge on taking each challenge as a way to grow. Thanks for being part of M49′s history and future.

Here is a little about the sites founder:

Matthew, one of the founding members of M49Productions former site: THE-ELITES, has seen many different strategies around the web for managing sites and has come up with his own style. He has successfully managed 3 different sites including large communities as well as small personal sites. Through Matthew’s efforts M49Productions was able to provide a home for Snacktime String, a very popular Yo-Yo String company which was based in Orlando, FL. Matthew has also been published in the international community through a series of technical publications through MSEC. Recently Matthew obtained his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and works for a major engineering company.